Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gesture " " Double quotation

Do you know this gesture? Can you use this right way? This gesture is difficult for Japanese to use because we don't have such gesture. I don't know this has a name, but some people seem to call it "quote" because people use it when they want to quote from someones words or some books as literal. And when people use it, it often means like "I don't agree with this words!" or "I don't believe this words!" "but he or she said that." and it's often perceived as irony in conversation .

You can learn it in episode2 of season9!! I want to show that gesture like this " " , so if you see it, please imagine the speaker use quote!!

In this episode, Ross was angry with Joey because Joey proposed to Rachel just after Rachel had a baby with Ross, but actually Joey didn't propose to Rachel, Joey just picked up the ring that drooped down form Ross' jacket and Rachel thought Joey proposed to her, and said "Yes."

Joey:- Hey, Ross. I know you're pissed at me, but we have to talk about this.

Ross:- Actually, we don't.

Joey:- Fine, fine, okay. But I gotta say, technically, I didn't even do anything wrong.

Ross:- What? You...You didn't do anything wrong?

Joey:- I said I didn't technically.

Ross:- Okay. Let's put aside the fact that you "accidentally" picked up my grandmother's ring and you "accidentally" proposed to Rachel.
Joey:- Can I just stop you there for a second? When people do this "" I don't really know what that means ......... you were saying?

Ross:- And I could even understand that you couldn't tell Rachel. But why you couldn't tell me? huh? You had all day to, and you didn't.

Joey:- I know. I should've. "I'm sorry."

Ross:- Not using it right, Joe.

Joey:- "I'm sorry."

(after a while)

Joey:- You guys are more than that. You're gonna get together, right?

Ross:- I don't think that we are.

Joey:- But...but you two are supposed to be together.

Ross:- Well, I thought so too. But then she said she'd marry you.

Joey:- Come on, Ross, that didn't mean anything. She...she...she'd just had the baby. She was freaked out about doing it alone. She would have said yes to anybody.

Ross:- Yeah, that's what she said.

Joey:- So?

Ross:- So I don't wanna be just anybody.

Joey:- Wow.

Ross:- You know what. It's better this way anyway, I mean, I don't know what I was thinking going down that road again with us. It's just much easier if we're just friends who have a kid.

Joey:- Really?

Ross:- Yeah.

Joey:- And you're okay with that?

Ross:- Yes, that's what we always planned. And if you have a plan, you should stick to it. That's...that's why they call them plans. Hello?.........I'm fine.

Joey:- Hey, for what it's worth with Rachel, I don't think you'll ever be just "anybody."

Ross:- Hey, there you go.

Joey:- "Thanks."
Do you get it? Joey used quote right way when he said "anybody." at last. But the last "Thanks." is wrong.

I really want to use this perfectly because it's funny for me. Let's use this "" when you have a chance to use it, or look carefully when your friends use this gesture!!!!

Joey and Ross


Keisuke said...
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Keisuke said...

I think quotation is really American style of expression. It's very interesting.

neyagawa said...

Geature!! I do love it!!

neyagawa said...

sorry, not geature but gesture, sorry.

マイケル said...

Air quotes are really fun to use! I don't use them very often, but you explained them perfectly Tomosuke! :)
You guys should definitely use them with your friends.

Pratik ramesh pappali said...

Damn that scene was hilarious! :D