Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hanukah חנוכה

You know Christmas is Jesus birthday, but you know what, he was Jewish and there has been Jewish festival in this season before Christmas! That is "Hanukah" also known as the Festival of Lights or Feast of Dedication! There is no Santa nor Christmas song in Hanukah. Hanukah is eight nights, starting on the 25th day of Kislev according to the Hebrew calendar, this year Hanukah begins at sundawn on the evening on December 21. According to wikipedia, it is Jewish holyday commemorating the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean Evolt of the 2nd century BCE.

In FRIENDS season7 episode 10, since Ross is Jewish, he is trying to teach Ben, his son, about Hanukah!

Ross: Wooooooo, hehehe. Hey, ahh, you don't feel like you're gonna throw up, do ya?
Ben: No.
Ross: Well, I do, so let's... (Ben and Ross sit down on the couch) So, Ben, you uh, you know what holiday is coming up, don't ya?

Ben: Christmas.
Ross: Yep, and you know what other holiday is coming up?
Ben: Christmas eve.
Ross: Yes, but also (Pauses to let Ben answer, but he doesn’t.) Hanukkah! See, you're part Jewish, and-and Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday.
Ben: Santa has reindeers that can fly!
Ross: Right, um, but, on Hanukkah, Hanukkah is a celebration of a miracle. See, years and years ago there were these people called the Maccabees.
Ben: (singing) Jingle bells, jingle bells...
Ross: (interrupts him) Okay, that's right, yes, but on Hanukkah, uh, we sing, uh (Sings) Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, I made you out of clay.
Ben: (singing) Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer...
Ross: (interrupts him again) Okay, it's not a contest.
Ben: When is Santa coming?
Ross: Well, how about this year, instead of Santa, we have fun celebrating Hanukkah?
Ben: No Santa? Was I bad?
Ross: No! Oh, no-no-no. Hey, you weren't bad, you've been very good, Ben.
Ben: Santa's mad at me.
Ross: No, hey-hey, come on, (He grabs Ben and sits him on his lap) Ben, Santa is not mad at you, okay? Hey, you're-you're his favorite little guy!
Ben: So Santa's coming?
Ross: (disappointed) Yes! Santa's coming!
[Scene: Monica, Chandler, and Phoebe's, Monica has just opened the door for Ross who is costumed as an Armadillo. Ben is standing next to her.]
Ross: I'm the holiday armadillo! I'm a friend of Santa's and he sent me here to wish you (Points to Ben) a Merry Christmas!
Monica: What happened to Santa, Holiday Armadillo?
Ross: (to Monica) Santa was unavailable so close to Christmas.
Monica: Wow, come in, have a seat. You must be exhausted coming all the way from…Texas.
Ben: Texas?
Ross: That's right, Ben. I'm Santa's representative for all the southern states. And Mexico! But,
Santa sent me here to give you these presents, Ben. (He tries to bend down to pick up the bag with the presents, but can't because of the costume) Maybe the Lady will help me with these presents.
[Monica picks up the bag, while Ross closes the door and hits Monica with his tail. They walk into the living room, and Monica empties the bag.]
Ben: Wow! Thanks!

Ross: You're welcome, Ben. Merry Christmas, ooh, and Happy Hanukkah!
Ben: Are you for Hanukkah, too? Because I'm part-Jewish.
Ross: (gasps) You are? Me, too!
Monica: Because Armadillos also wandered in the desert?
Ross: (to Monica) You wanna wander in the hall? (to Ben) Ooh, hey Ben, what if the Holiday Armadillo told you all about the festival of lights?
Ben: Cool!
Ross: Yeah!
Monica: Come on Ben.
[Monica and Ben sit down on the couch.]

Ross: Years and years ago there were these people called the Maccabees...
Chandler: (entering in a Santa costume) Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!
Ben: Santa! (Runs to Chandler and hugs him)
Chandler: Hey! (Grunts as Ben hits him at full speed.)
Ross: What are you doing here, Santa?
Chandler: Well, I'm here to see my old buddy Ben. What are you doing here, weird…turtle-man?
Ross: I'm the Holiday Armadillo, your part-Jewish friend. You sent me here to give Ben some presents. Remember?

Chandler: What?
Ben: Did you bring me any presents, Santa?
Chandler: You bet I did, Ben, put it there! (He shakes Ben's hand, but the money falls out of his hands) (to Monica) Well, it would have worked this time, if his hands weren't so damn small!
(Realizes, that Ben is standing right there) Ho, ho, ho!
Monica: Okay Ben, why don't you come open some more presents, and Santa, the Armadillo, and I have a little talk in the kitchen? There's a sentence, I never thought I'd say.
[They walk to the kitchen; everyone is lowering their voices]
Ross: (to Chandler) What are you doing?
Chandler: You called everyone and said you were having trouble finding a Santa costume, so I borrowed one from a guy at work!
Ross: Thank you, but, but you gotta leave.
Chandler: Why?
Ross: Because, I'm finally getting him excited about Hanukkah, and, and you're-you’re wrecking it.
Chandler: But I didn't get to shape my belly like a bowl full of jelly.
Ross: I'm sorry, Chandler but this, this is really important to me.
Chandler: Fine, I'll give the suit back.
[Ross turns around and walks back to Ben.]

Monica: (to Chandler) Hey, you think, you can keep it another night? (She has a really teasing look on her face and keeps twirling Chandler's beard.)
Chandler: Santa? Really?
Monica: Yes, is that okay?
Chandler: Did your Dad ever dress up like Santa?
Monica: No.
Chandler: Then it's okay! (They kiss.)
Ross: Okay Ben, Santa has to go. Say good-bye!
Ben: No! Why does he have to go?
Chandler: Because, if Santa and the Holiday…Armadillo? (Ross nods) ...are ever in the same room for too long the universe will implode. Merry Christmas!
Ben: No! Why can't the Armadillo leave? I want Santa!
Ross: Fine, I-I give up. Santa, Santa can stay.
Chandler: Well, I'll stay, but only because I wanna hear about Hanukkah. Ben, will you sit here with Santa and learn about Hanukkah?
Ben: Okay, Santa!
(Ross mouths to Chandler, "Thank you," and he mouths, "You’re welcome," back.)

Ross: All right, it's time for the story of Hanukkah. Years and years ago, there were these people called the Maccabees.
[Joey enters in a Superman-costume]

Joey: Merry Christmas!!
[Scene: Monica, Chandler, and Phoebe's, Santa (Chandler), Superman (Joey), Ben, and Monica are listening to the Holiday Armadillo (Ross) finish telling the story of Hanukkah.]
Ross: …and the miracle was that that little bit of oil that should’ve just lasted just one day, burned for…
Ben: (answering him) Eight whole days.
Ross: That’s right, and that’s why we celebrate Hanukkah today. The end.
Ben: Awesome!
Ross: Yeah?
Chandler: My favorite part was when Superman flew all the Jews out of Egypt. (Glaring at Joey who’s nodding.)
Ross: The Armadillo was actually not so thrilled about that part! Okay Ben, it’s time to light the Hanukkah candles! (Santa, Superman, Monica, Ben, and the Holiday Armadillo go over to the menorah to light the candles.)
I think Hanukah is so cool because it's eight days!! In contrast with that Christmas is only one day, that's it. Isn't it kind of sad? Although I still want Christmas present.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Say Something!!

Have you ever experienced that awkward silence between conversation? Or can you keep staying with someone without words? In Japan, or for Japanese I think it's easy to do that! But it's not easy for American people usually I think! In Friends season 7 episode 19, we can see how they think in such circumstances.

[Scene: Ross's apartment, Cassie and Ross are watching a movie and Cassie is pouring Ross some more wine as Ross has his hands full with the glass and holding the bowl of popcorn in his lap.]

Ross: (in his head) She’s your cousin. She’s your cousin! If she knew what was going on in your head she’d think you were sick!(She grabs some popcorn.)
Or would she? Let’s back up a second. She was the one who suggested opening a bottle of wine. She was the one who turned down the lights. She was the one that wanted to rent Logan’s Run, the sexiest movie ever. (She grabs the blanket from behind him and looks at him.) Oh, I know that look. Forget it. I want it. She wants it. I’m going in.

(They exchange looks, smile, and shrug their shoulders before Ross suddenly lunges forward in an attempt to kiss her, but she expertly backs away.)
Cassie: Hey! What the hell are you doing?! (They sit back up.)
Ross: (in his head) Say something clever! (Pause.)
Okay, doesn’t have to be clever, it just has to be words. Say some words. (Pause) Any words will do. (Pause)
Oh my God! This is the longest that anyone has not talked ever! (Pause) There is nothing you can say to make this worse!! So just say something!! (Pause.) (To her) I-I, I uh haven’t had sex in a very long time. (She leaves.) (In his head) Yeah, you really shouldn’t have said anything.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

How to hold a party

Have you ever held a party? What do you have to think or prepare? You know American people like to hold a party a lot!! In FRIENDS, season 7 episode 19, you can see what they have to think to hold the party!!

Rachel: (entering) Hi!
Monica: Hey!
Phoebe: Hey!
Rachel: Hey Pheebs, can I talk to you over here for a second?
Phoebe: Yeah!
Monica: Subtle guys!
Phoebe: What?!
Monica: I know you’re planning my surprise bridal shower.
Rachel: (laughs) Well okay—Well don’t ruin it! Just play along at least!
Monica: Okay. Sorry. (She goes into the guest bedroom.)
Rachel: (To Phoebe) Oh my God! We have to throw her a shower?!

Phoebe: Well when can we have this shower?
Rachel: She has got so much going on we-we have only two options. We have Friday…
Phoebe: Well that’s only two days away. What is the other option?
Rachel: Yesterday!
Phoebe: Well if we make it yesterday, woo-hoo! We’re done!
Rachel: Oh my God Phoebe, this is impossible! We can’t do this by Friday! We have to find a place. We have to invite people! We have to get food! There’s just too much to do! It’s impossible! We can’t do it! We cannot do it! We cannot do it!
Phoebe: Rachel, calm down!
Rachel: (calmly) Okay. I’m sorry. You’re right, you’re right.
Phoebe: (grabs and shakes Rachel) Just calm down woman!
Rachel: Phoebe, I already, I already did.
Phoebe: Oh okay. All right, then I need to calm down a little.
Rachel: Okay. Okay. (They sit down.) I think we can do this if we just get organized. All right? We have two days to plan this party. We just need to make fast decisions! Okay? All right, where are we gonna have it?
Phoebe: Uh, here. What time?
Rachel: 4 o’clock. Food?
Phoebe: Finger sandwiches and tea.
Rachel: Ooh great! Very Monica.
Phoebe: And chili!
Rachel: Ah you went one too far. Uh, flowers or balloons?
Phoebe: Both!
Rachel: We’re paying for this y’know.
Phoebe: Neither.
Rachel: Okay. Umm, what should we do for the theme?
Phoebe: Lusts of the flesh.
Rachel: (pause) What?
Phoebe: I don’t know. (Timidly) A cowboy theme?

Phoebe: Hey! I’ve got a great idea for party favors for the shower. Okay, we get some uh mahogany boxes and carve everyone’s names in them and inside is everyone’s individual birth stone.
Rachel: Okay. Okay. All right, you take care of that. And meanwhile, the party is tomorrow and we still don’t have a guest list.
Phoebe: Okay. Okay! Well okay, who do we know that’s coming? Me. Are you?
Monica: (entering) Hey!
Phoebe: Hey!
Rachel: Hey! What’s up Mon?
Monica: Well uh, I’m trying to make something for Joey. Do you mind if I raid your fridge?
Rachel: Have at it.
Monica: Okay. (Opens the fridge.) All right, turkey. Eh, that won’t work. Cheese? (Picks it up) That won’t work. Olive loaf? (Picks it up) I hope that won’t work.
Rachel: Are you makin’ him a sandwich?
Monica: No it’s umm, more like a wrap. Okay so uh, I’m gonna go guys.
Phoebe and Rachel: Okay.
Monica: I guess you can get back to deciding on what to get me for a present! (Runs out.)
Rachel: (To Phoebe, after Monica’s gone) We have to get her a present?!
Phoebe: Okay but look! Look at what I got! It’s her address book! (Holds it up.) We have a guest list!
Rachel: Oh my God you’re amazing! Did you just pull that out of her purse?
Phoebe: Uh-huh, and a little seed money for the party. (Holds up $40.)

Phoebe: Hi!
Woman: Hi!
Phoebe: How are you? (The woman nods) Good. (She goes over to another couple of women.) Hi, thanks for coming.
Woman: Oh thank you.
(The other woman declines.)
Phoebe: Thank you. (To the other woman) No? (She nods.) All right. (She goes to another pairing.) Oh, it’s so nice to see you.
Woman: No.
The Other Woman: No thanks.
Phoebe: Okay. (Goes over to Rachel.) Hey Rach?
Rachel: Yeah?
Phoebe: Who the hell are all these people?
Rachel: Well, I don’t know. I called all the people in Monica’s phone book and these are the only ones who could show up on 24 hours notice.
Phoebe: Hmm, y’know there’s another word for people like that. Losers!
(A woman approaches.)
Rachel: (to her) Hi! I’m Rachel. This is Phoebe. I’m the maid of honor. How do you know Monica?
Woman: I was her accountant four years ago.
Rachel: Ohhhh!
Woman: I’m very interested to find out who’s been doing her taxes these last four years.
Rachel: That’s great!
Woman: So, what time is Monica supposed to get here?
Phoebe and Rachel: (to each other) I don’t know.
Rachel: (to the woman) Excuse us for a minute. (They go into the kitchen.) You didn’t tell her to come?!
Phoebe: You were supposed to tell her!
Rachel: No I wasn’t! You were supposed to tell her to come and I was supposed to bring the cake!
Phoebe: Fine, I’ll go call her.
Rachel: Yes! And please tell her to bring a cake!

Monica: Phoebe! Rachel! It’s Monica! I wonder what you could possibly need me for on such short notice! (She bursts into the apartment to find only Phoebe and Rachel sitting on the couch.) Oh.
Rachel: Oh Monica, we are so sorry.
Monica: For what?
Rachel: Well first, for forgetting to throw you a bridal shower.
Phoebe: And then for forgetting to invite you to it.
Monica: You al-you already had it?
Phoebe: Yeah. Well, we called everyone in your phone book and bunch of people came, but it took us so long to get you here that they-they had to leave.
Rachel: Yeah, we wanted to throw you a big surprise and a great shower, and now you don’t have either.
Phoebe: We ruined everything.
Rachel: Ugh…
Monica: Well no wait a minute that’s not true! No, what did, that was really sweet. And it kinda works out for the best.
Rachel: What do you, what do you mean?
Monica: Well now, I get to spend my shower with the only people I really love! I mean, I get all those presents (Motions to the pile in the corner) without having to talk to people I don’t even like!
(Suddenly, everyone stands up and comes out of hiding. All of them are glaring at Monica.)
Rachel: Surprise…
Phoebe: Sur-surprise.
Rachel: …Monica.
Do you see what you have to prepare? You have to decide date, place,guests,food,decoration and theme!! A lot of tings!! What's interesting to me is theme! I don't think Japanese think about theme when we hold a party.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Halloween is the night of October 31st, which is now celebrated by children, who dress in costumes and go from house to house asking for sweet, especially in the U.S. and Canada. In the past people believed the souls of dead people appeared on Halloween. Next week, it comes soon!! I think it is the day after the birthday of Diego Maradona.
In FRIENDS, season8, Monica suggested they wear costume in the party.

Joey:- I'll come in the party, but I'm not dressing up.

Mon:- You have to.

Joey:- No way. Halloween is so stupid. Dressing up, pretending to be someone you're not.

Chan:- You're an actor.

Mon:- Ross, are you gonna bring Mona?

Ross:- Yeah, yeah I think I will.

Joey:- Hot girl from the wedding? Hey, if she needs any ideas to costume, she could be a bikini model or a slutty nurse, or a sexy cheerleader!

(after a moment)

Rach:- Hi.

Mon:- Wait. You're supposed to wear a costume.

Rach:- I am. I am a woman who spent money on a dress she wants to wear because soon she won't fit into it.

Mon:- Oh, I'm Catwoman, who wants to wear the dress when you're too big for it.

Children from outdoor:- Trick or treat!!

Rach:- Oh, can I give out the candy? I really wanna be with kids right now, you know since I got pregnant, I have the strongest maternal instincts.

Children:- Trick or treat!!

Rach:- Just a minute!!!! Look at you guys! Wow! You are a very scary witch.

A child:- Thank you.

Rach:- And you are a very funny clown.

A child:- Thank you.

(Phoebe came)

Pheo:- Oh, Catwoman. So we meet again.

Mon:- So we do, Supergirl.

Phoe:- It's me. Phoebe.

Chan:- Monica, can I talk to you for a second? Listen, I appreciate you're getting the costume.

Rach:- Oh, you did this to him?

Mon:- What? I thought he'd love it. He love The Velveteen Rabbit.

Chan:- The Velveteen Rabbit was brown and white!

Mon:- Well it was either pink bunny, or no bunny at all!!

Chan:- No bunny at all. Always no bunny at all!

(Joey came)

Joey:- Hey!

Mon:- You didn't dress up either?

Joey:- I did. I'm Chandler. Dude, what happened?

Chan:- How is that me?

Joey:- Okay. I'm Chandler, waaaaaaaaa

Phoe:- Oh, that is so you!

Chan:- When have I ever done that?

Joey:- Whan have I ever done that? Waaaaaaa
Children:- Trick or treat!!
Rach:- Oh, Wow, you're the prettiest ballerina I've ever seen.
A child: Thank you.
(Ross came)
Ross:- Hey!
Mon:- What are you supposed to be?
Ross:- Remember the Rosian satellite, Spuntnik? Well, I'm a potato. Or A "spud" and these are my antenna. So spuntnik becomes........?
Everyone:- ..............................

Ross:- Spud-nik! Spudnik!
Chan:- Wow! I don't have the worst costume anymore.
Joey:- Hey! All right! Ross came as doodie.
Ross:- No, I'm not doodie.
Mon:- No, space-doodie.
(Mona came)
Mona:- Hi!
Chan:- Oh, hi! Joey's gonna be thrilled. He was hoping you come by as a slutty nurse.
Mona:- Ah, actually, I'm just a nurse.
Chan:- You'd think that would embarrass me, but you see I'm maxed out.
Ross:- Hey you made it!
Mona:- Hi! Wait. You're a potato?
Ross:- Well, I'm a spud...?
Mona:- And the antenna...on my got, you're Spud-nik!
Ross:- Yes!
Chan:- Marry her.
I wander why Japan haven't such a great day! I want to wear costume, and give children candy, or receive candy as child!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Do you know cameo? In my dictionary, it is said that a short appearance in a film or play by a well-known actor or people. On Friends, there are many cameos, very famous people often show up on Friends. So I'd like to introduce some of them!

Kritin Davis. You know well her as Charlotte on Sex And The City.
She is Joey's girl friend in Friends.
Bruce Willis as Rachel's boyfriend and Ross' student girlfriend's father.
Brad Pitt as Ross and Monica's friend from high school. He and Ross made Rachel Hate Club!Ralph Lauren as Ralph Lauren himself because Rachel works in Ralph Lauren.
Robin Williams as a visitor of Central Perk
Julia Roberts as Chandler's girlfriend.Sarah Ferguson, i.e. Fergie as herself.George Clooney

Jeff Goldblum as actor/director of a play which Joey wants to get

Friday, September 26, 2008

Drunkard can get married in Vegas!?

When you hear the name "Las Vegas", what comes up with in your head? I just came up with the Casino because I wanted to be a dealer of casino in Vegas in my childhood.

Can you believe In Vegas, drunk people can get married!? Wow!! Vegas is famous not only its gamble but also its marriage!
This summer I watched this movie called What Happens in Vegas and amazed that they can marry even though they were very drunk. And I remembered in FRIENDS, there is a similar situation. In end of season5 and beginning of season6, Ross and Rachel get married in Vegas! Of course they were very drunk, too!!!
Next morning they get married, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler and Joey eat breakfast at hotel's restaurant. Then Ross and Rachel come there.

Chan:- Are we gonna talk about what you guys did last night?
Rach:- What do you mean "last night"? Nothing happened last night.
Ross:- Yeah.
Pheobe:- Ross invited us all to watch.
Mon: Rach, we weren't gonna miss our friends getting married.
Rach:- Oh, who got married?
Chan:- You did.
Ross:- What? Hello. We didn't get married.
Rach:- No, we didn't. That's ridi...ha (Ross and Rache are pointing each other)
Ross:- Wait, wait, wait, I remember being in a chapel.
Rach:- Oh, my god.
Ross:- They would not let us get married when we were that drunk.
Joey:- They let you get married when you drunk. Most people who get married in Vegas are drunk.
Phoebe:- Now, I'm drunk right now.

Here is the 10 Marriage Rules of Nevada( cited from http://www.insidervlv.com/marriage.html )
1. No Blood Tests
2. No Waiting Period
3. Marriage License Fee $55(Cash Only). In order to have a legal marriage, a ceremony must be performed in the State of Nevada within one year from date of issuance of the marriage license by any person licensed or authorized to perform ceremonies in Nevada.
4. Both Parties must be present at the Marriage License Bureau, 201 Clark Avenue, Las Vegas NV 89155-1603, hours open daily 8am to midnight, including holidays
5. Courthouse hours : Monday-Thursday, 8:00 a.m. -Midnight and Friday 8a.m. - Continuous until Sunday Midnight. Holidays Open 24 hours. Hours for civil marriages are 8a-10p daily, including weekends and holidays.
6. Adults 18 and older do not need consent, proof of age is required.
7. Persons 16-17 years old must have either parent present at the time license is issued or a notarized affidavit.
8. Persons under age 16 must have either parent consent and authorization from Nevada District Court
9. One witness other than the individual performing the ceremony is required
10. If Previously divorced, marriage applicants are required to know the Month/Day/Year/City and State of their divorce. The divorce must be final and filed with the courts in the state or country granted. You are not required to bring the divorce decree.
The bottom line is I do Not want to drink in Vegas because the next morning I really got drunk I would be getting married to someone.

What Happens in Vegas

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Far away Class Building

Have you ever experienced like you can't go to next class on time because the building is very far? I've never been though because Japanese university is usually small, but in large scale American university, it seems to happen sometimes. Like after physical education class you don't have time to shower in order to go to next class where is opposite side building, and still you can't get on time.

In season8, episode12-The One Where Joey Dates Rachel, you can see Ross meets the problem.

Ross:- Guess what happened in the paleontology department today. Professor Newman, the department head, is retiring, so...

Rach:- They made you head of the department!
Ross:- No. I'm teaching his advanced class!......Why didn't I get head of the department?

(In class room)

Ross:- Oh, Does anyone know where the Freeman Building is?
A student:- Yeah. It's the new building on Avenue A.
Ross:- What? That's hole way across town. I'm supposed to teach a graduate seminar there in 10 minutes.
A student:- Dude, that's not gonna happen.
Ross:- OK. Move it! Move it! Move it! (in front of bunch of students) Hey! I'm the teacher!

(after a while)

Ross:-(breathlessly) Hello......Sorry I'm a little late, a- Whoa, a lot late. Well, let me start by introducing myself. I'm Professor Geller. (the bell ring) So to sum up... I'm Professor Geller. Good job today.

(after a while in coffee shop)

Rach:- You were 50 minutes late to class? What did you crawl there?
Ross:- No, I ran, okay? It's really far. When did people stop understanding the phrase" Get the hell out of my way"?
Rach:- Why didn't you take a cab?
Ross:- Between the traffic that time a day and all one-way streets, it'd take me twice as long. Besides, I teach the class three times a week. Who am I, Rockefeller?
Rach:- You won't be able to keep doing this.
Ross:- Well I have to, if I don't, they'll take the class away from me. And I put it in my family newsletter.
Rach:- You what?
Ross:- You've seen it, The Geller Yeller. Rach:- Right. Wow.
Ross:- I figured out a faster route, I'm sure I can make it this time. I just...I just can't be afraid to get a little bit hit by cars.

(after a while)

Ross:- (breathlessly in class) Yes, I made it! I'm on time! okay, why don't we all...(take a huge breath)...open our books to page23...(again a huge breath)... where...(again)...where you will see... a bunch of red spots. okay, why don't you all start to read while I...(Ross faints)

(after a while in class)

Ross:- So is every body here? I got here a little early, myself. Let us begin. (Ross wears roller skat shoes) Now, the hadrosaurids have been unearthed in two main locations. Here...and...here. Now, as for the hydrosaurs......(Ross almost goes to the classroom's door because of his poor roller skating skill. )
If I went to American university, I would have to becaful to choose the class, looking where the building is.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gesture " " Double quotation

Do you know this gesture? Can you use this right way? This gesture is difficult for Japanese to use because we don't have such gesture. I don't know this has a name, but some people seem to call it "quote" because people use it when they want to quote from someones words or some books as literal. And when people use it, it often means like "I don't agree with this words!" or "I don't believe this words!" "but he or she said that." and it's often perceived as irony in conversation .

You can learn it in episode2 of season9!! I want to show that gesture like this " " , so if you see it, please imagine the speaker use quote!!

In this episode, Ross was angry with Joey because Joey proposed to Rachel just after Rachel had a baby with Ross, but actually Joey didn't propose to Rachel, Joey just picked up the ring that drooped down form Ross' jacket and Rachel thought Joey proposed to her, and said "Yes."

Joey:- Hey, Ross. I know you're pissed at me, but we have to talk about this.

Ross:- Actually, we don't.

Joey:- Fine, fine, okay. But I gotta say, technically, I didn't even do anything wrong.

Ross:- What? You...You didn't do anything wrong?

Joey:- I said I didn't technically.

Ross:- Okay. Let's put aside the fact that you "accidentally" picked up my grandmother's ring and you "accidentally" proposed to Rachel.
Joey:- Can I just stop you there for a second? When people do this "" I don't really know what that means ......... you were saying?

Ross:- And I could even understand that you couldn't tell Rachel. But why you couldn't tell me? huh? You had all day to, and you didn't.

Joey:- I know. I should've. "I'm sorry."

Ross:- Not using it right, Joe.

Joey:- "I'm sorry."

(after a while)

Joey:- You guys are more than that. You're gonna get together, right?

Ross:- I don't think that we are.

Joey:- But...but you two are supposed to be together.

Ross:- Well, I thought so too. But then she said she'd marry you.

Joey:- Come on, Ross, that didn't mean anything. She...she...she'd just had the baby. She was freaked out about doing it alone. She would have said yes to anybody.

Ross:- Yeah, that's what she said.

Joey:- So?

Ross:- So I don't wanna be just anybody.

Joey:- Wow.

Ross:- You know what. It's better this way anyway, I mean, I don't know what I was thinking going down that road again with us. It's just much easier if we're just friends who have a kid.

Joey:- Really?

Ross:- Yeah.

Joey:- And you're okay with that?

Ross:- Yes, that's what we always planned. And if you have a plan, you should stick to it. That's...that's why they call them plans. Hello?.........I'm fine.

Joey:- Hey, for what it's worth with Rachel, I don't think you'll ever be just "anybody."

Ross:- Hey, there you go.

Joey:- "Thanks."
Do you get it? Joey used quote right way when he said "anybody." at last. But the last "Thanks." is wrong.

I really want to use this perfectly because it's funny for me. Let's use this "" when you have a chance to use it, or look carefully when your friends use this gesture!!!!

Joey and Ross

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

In Japan, we haven't Thanksgiving Day. So we don't know much about it. Thanksgiving Day is one of the most famous North American holiday!! Thanksgiving is celebrated on the forth Thursday of November in the United States and on the second Monday of October in Canada.

It is the origin of Thanksgiving that Pilgrims held a celebrate festival in 1621 after their first harvest and they invited Native Americans who taught the Pilgrims how to catch eel or grow corn. They say that the true first Thanksgiving was 1623 and the day was a church observance, rather than a feast day.
But now, in my book, it is a public holiday in the North America when families have a large meal together to celebrate and be thankful for food, health families etc. So many Americans like to spend on Thanksgiving Day with their families and friends, and the religious meaning seems fading.

In FRIENDS, you can see the story of Thanksgiving in episode8 or 9 in almost each seasons.

They also think it's important to spend with their family on Thanksgiving Day.Rachel asked her job's boss to let her get her salary in advance so as to go to skiing and spend with her family on Thanksgiving.

Rachel:- Would you mind if I got $100 advance on my salary? It so that I can spend Thanksgiving with my family.

And Joey said to Monica like that

Joey:- Hey Monica, I got a question. I don't see any Tater Tots.
Monica:- That's not a question.
Joey:- But my mom always makes them. It's tradition. A piece of turkey on your fork, a little cranberry sauce and a Tot!! I mean it's bad enough I can't be with my family, because of my disease.
Monica:- All right. Finn. Tonight potatoes will be mashed with lumps.

According to Chandler, his Thanksgiving is really different meaning from the original one.

Chan:- Oh, come on Monica! Reliving pain and getting depressed is what Thanksgivings all about. You know, for me anyway, and, of course, the Indians.

He also said like that

Chan:- I am the king of bad Thanksgivings.

Joey:- I wanna hear it. It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without Chandler bumming us out.

Chan:- See? It's a tradition, like the parade.

The traditional story is Chandler's parents' divorce announcement! In season1, Rachel was surprised at Chandler's Thanksgiving food because it was not traditional Thanksgiving food, but snacks!

Rachel:- Wait, wait Chandler. This is your Thanksgiving dinner? What is it with you and this holiday?

Chan:- All right. I'm 9 years old.
Ross:- Oh, I hate this story!
Chan:- We've just finished magnificent Thanksgiving dinner. I have- I remember this part vividly- a mouthful of pumpkin pie. And this is the moment my parents choose to tell me they're getting divorced.
Rach:- Oh, my God!
Chan:- Yes, yes, very difficult to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner once you've seen it in reverse.

Chandler and Monica
The most common and main Thanksgiving dinner is turkey. Because of it, Thanksgiving is sometimes called Turkey Day or poultry day! Joey said to Monica like that

Joey:- You gotta have turkey on Thanksgiving!! I mean Thanksgiving with no turkey is like Fourth of July with no apple pie, or Friday with no two pizzas!!

And there are other traditional Thanksgiving foods like cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, dumplings, corn on the cob or hominy, deviled eggs, green beans or green bean casserole, peas and carrots, carious, wheat flour bread rolls, cornbread, biscuits, rutabagas or turnips, and a Waldorf salad, etc.

Various pies are often served as dessert, like apple pie, mincemeat pie, sweet potato pie, pumpkin pie(Chandler ate when he was 9), chocolate meringue pie and pecan pie, etc.
A almost similar dinner seems to be served on Christmas and New Year's Day.

I wish Japan had Thanksgiving Day so that I could eat turkey and cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes and apple pie with my family or friends. Although we have Christmas, we don't have such gorgeous dinner on Christmas, but a cake.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

50 States and SAT

Do you know or say all states? Or if you are Japanese, can you say all prefectures?

In season7, on Thanksgiving Day they play a game that chandler learned on work. Here is the conversation. I know it's long , but I dare to write the whole conversation that is concerned with the 50states game. You'll know how difficult it is!!

Chan:-We're playing this game I learned on work. You have to name all the states in six minutes.

Ross:-What? That's like insanely easy.

Chan:-Oh, Okay, time's up.

Joey:-Say hello to the new champ of Chandler's dumb states game.

Ross:-Wow, how many you got?


(after a while)

Ross:-Done......with time to spare.

Chan:-Woo. This may be a new world's record.

Ross:-You know, I hate to lecture you guys...but it's kind of disgraceful that a group of well-educated adults and Joey can't name all the states. You ever see a map or one of those round colorful things called a globe?

Chan:-Ah-Magellan? You got 46 states.

Ross:-What? That's impossible.

Joey:-Forty-six. Well, who's well-educated now, Mr. I-Forgot-Ten-States?

Chan:-Okay, Ross, time is up.

Ross:-Now, just give me another minute.

Chan:-If you don't know them by now, you never will, okay? That is the beauty of this game. It makes you want to kill yourself.

Ross:-This is crazy. I can do this. All right, I bet I can get all 50 before dinner.

Chan:-Okay, but if you can't, no dinner. Ross:-You're on.

(after a while)

Ross:-How can I not get this? I'm a college professor. I got 1450 on my SATs.

Mon:-Twelve fifty. Ross:-Damn, I forgot you were here.

Ross:-I laid out the states geographically.

Joey:-Ross, you need some help? Ross:From you?......Yes please.

Joey:-First of all, Utah? Dude, you can't just make stuff up.

(after a while)

Ross:-I hate America! When I finish this game, I swear I am moving.

(after a while)

Ross:-Okay, may be this is so hard, because there aren't 50 states. Let me tell you something I have 49states...and there are no more! I think I should be able to eat something.


Ross:Delaware.......Delaware.(Ross is near to tears.)

Chan:-All right.

Ross:- I want my turkey now.

Chan:-You got it. You got Nevada twice.

Ross:-.........I know. Chan:-Yeah.

Here are the states of the United States of America.
Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

And do you know about SAT? Ross said "I got 1450 on my SATs.", Monica corrected it to 1250 though.
The SAT stands for Scholastic Assessment Test and Scholastic Aptitude Test and is a standardized test for college admissions in the United States. It's like a National Center Test for University Admissions called Center Test in Japan. But unlike Center Test that has only one opportunity a year in January, the SAT is offered seven times a year in October, November, December, January, March(or April), May, and June. There are three sections in the SAT, Writing, Mathematics, and Critical Reading and each section receives a score on the scale of 200-800 points. So the highest point is 2400 and the lowest one is 600. But many colleges seem to require ACT score more than SAT.

Let's name your country's all states or prefectures in six minutes!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Shoe Size

Chandler and Monica

In the end of season7 and the beginning of season8, there is Monica and Chandler's wedding.

Chandler has practiced dancing because he wants to dance with Monica without embarrassing her on the dance floor, but his hopes are ruined by his slippery new shoes.

Then Chandler meets Joey and tries to borrow Joey's shoes.

Chan: -What size shoes do you wear?

Joey: -Eleven. 11 1/2.

Chan: -Great. Because my shoes give me a problem on the dance floor. Can I borrow your boots?

Joey: -I don't know where I left them.

(Chandler looks at Joey's feet)
Chan: -Those aren't 11 1/2.

Joey: -Okay, fine, I'm a seven!! I have surprisingly small feet. But the rest of me is good. I'll show you.

Did you get it what size of shoes dose Joey wear? 11. 5 centimeter? No way!! I didn't get it at first though because we usually use "centimeter" for shoe size in Japan.

Joey said "Eleven". It means 29 centimeters. So 10 means 28cm , 91/2=27.5cm, 9=27cm, 81/2=26.5cm, 8=26cm, 71/2=25.5cm, 7=25cm, 61/2=24.5cm.........get it? What's your shoe size in U.S.? These shoe sizes are for men, and there is also for women's shoe size. For women, 9 means 26cm, 8=25cm, 7=24cm, 61/2=23.5cm, 51/2=23cm, 5=22.5cm, and 41/2=22cm.

Joey's shoe size is seven. It means 25cm. And he said he has surprisingly small feet! My shoe size is also seven too!!!! So according to Joey, I have surprisingly small feet!! And the rest of me is good too!! I'm surprised that we have a lot in common.

Chandler ends up dancing by only using his hands!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Ross and Rachel

Do you know about a sorority? According to a dictionary, it is said that "a club for women students at some American colleges and universities." "sorority" came from the Latin word soror, it means "sister".

The member of sorority lives same place like a dorm and they called themselves "sister" each other.

I didn't know about sorority until I watched FRIENDS. In season6, Rachel and Monica go to N.Y.U, where Ross works as a new professor, to see whether Ross is good or not. Then Rachel find two woman students. And Rachel says...

Rachel: Oh, hey, look! There's some Kappa Kappa Deltas. I was a Kappa. Hey sisters!

Ross and Rachel

Rachel said "Kappa Kappa Deltas", it is a one of the name of sororities. For example, there are Kappa Kappa Gamma, Phi Beta Kappa, or Kappa Alpha Theta. First of all, there were fraternities for men students that also came from Latin word frater, it means brother. And before the word "sorority"made women called their organizations "women's fraternities". First fraternity's name was Phi Beta Kappa which used Greek letters to hide their secret name.