Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Argentina Won!!!

It was a very tough game!! Both team defended well!

But the Goddess of Victory smiled toward Argentina!!

Romero became the Man of the Match!!!!  He saved TWICE!!

Argentina is going to final!!  Argentina supported have waited this moment since Diego Maradona brought the team to the final 24 years ago!!

World Cup - Argentina v England

1986 World Cup, Argentina defeated Germany by 3-2 and became Champion!

But in 1990 World Cup, Germany defeated Argentina by 1-0.

It is a grudge match!!!

Will this World Cup be called Messi's World Cup?  I think it will!!!

I cant wait to watch this game!!!!

写真: ROAD TO THE MARACANA: After 62 outstanding #WorldCup matches, we now know who will compete in the Final on Sunday! Germany and Argentina are set to do battle in Rio de Janeiro on 13 July. Who do YOU think will win?

写真: THE FINAL: Germany and Argentina will meet in the #WorldCup Final on Sunday at the Maracana -

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