Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year Kiss

Happy New Year!!! Do you know what Americans do in new year? It's not like Japan at all , there is no Oshogatsu, although new year's resolution is the same ritual I think. But they have party and count down new year since new year's eve. And they can kiss somebody at the moment of new year just because happy new year!
In FRIENDS season 5 episode 11, Chandler tried to kiss Monica secretly because they hang out secretly but only Joey knows about that relationship, so Chandler asks Joey to help.

[Scene: Monica and Rachel's, Monica and Rachel are hosting a New Year's party. So the place is crowded and in a shameless promotion for NBC they're watching Jay Leno's coverage of New Year's from Time Square.]

Joey: All right! Here we go! 1999! The year of Joey!

Chandler: (deadpan, standing next to Monica) We're very happy for you.

Joey: What's the matter?!

Chandler: We wanted to kiss at midnight, but nobody else is going to so you know…

Joey: All right, I'll take care of it.

Monica: Oh no, wait! Joey!

(They try to stop him, not sure of what he's planning. He ignores them and goes to talk to Ross.)

Ross: (hopping) 73! 72! 71!

Joey: Ross! Ross! Ross, listen! Who are you kissing at midnight, huh? Rachel or Phoebe?

Ross: What?

Joey: Well you gotta kiss someone, you can't kiss your sister.

Ross: Well, who's gonna kiss my sister.

Joey: Chandler.

Ross: Awww, man! Really?

Joey: Dude-dude, who would you rather have kiss your sister, me or Chandler?

Ross: That's a good point.

Joey: Yeah.

Ross: Oh well, since I have that whole history with Rachel, I guess Phoebe.

Joey: Okay, great!

Ross: All right.

Joey: Pheebs! Pheebs! Ross wants to kiss you at midnight!

Phoebe: It's so obvious, why doesn't he just ask?

Joey: Rach! Rach! Listen, I'm gonna kiss you at midnight.

Rachel: What?!

Ross: Well, everyone's gotta kiss someone. You can't kiss Ross you got the history.

Rachel: So?

Joey: So? Who would you rather have kiss you, me or Chandler?

Rachel: Oh, good point.

Joey: Yeah!

All: (watching the ball drop) 3! 2! 1! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

(And with that everyone starts playing tonsil hockey. Chandler with Monica, Ross with Phoebe,
and Joey with Rachel.)

Chandler: (To Monica) Happy New Year!

Monica: Happy New Year.

Ross: (To Phoebe) Happy New Year, Pheebs!

Phoebe: You too!

Rachel: (To Joey) Happy New Year, Joey!

Joey: So did that do anything for ya?

(Rachel slowly walks away.)

And also in season 6 episode 10, Joey tries to use that because he just want to kiss hot roommate called Janine!

Janine: Thanks. (To Monica and Ross) Great so we can all go together! I gotta run. Catch you later!
(Janine leaves)
All: Bye!
Ross: Bye Janine!
Joey: Did she just ask me out on a date?
Chandler: I don’t think so.
Monica: What are you talking about? She just invited him to the biggest party of the millennium!
Rachel: Yeah, but she also invited you and Ross. Yeah, honey, I’m sorry, but I don’t think that was a romantic thing.
Joey: Oh. Maybe. But hey I know how I can find out. We’re going to a New Year’s Eve party, right? So at midnight, I can kiss her. And if she kisses me back, great! Y’know? But if she says ‘Dude, what the hell are you doing?’ I can say ‘It wasn’t me, it was New Years!’
Rachel: Well, that’s a lot better than Ross trying to kiss me in High School, and saying that he did it because he needed chap stick.
Ross: It was a dry day.
If you want to kiss somebody, you can use this at midnight in New Years! Let's use this in a New Year's Eve party!!!


Chikako:) said...

In Japan, new year is a family time. But American spend time with friends.I think it's historical religion difference?

Tomo said...

I don't think it's historical religion difference, but Americans just want to hold party and patry means with friends!

neyagawa said...

I spent new year with my family.

TaTsuya said...

I can understand that American people love holding parties and drinking. Happy New Year!

YUGO said...

you really like friends!!
you should watch 24!!
its funn!!

kaz said...

I spend the turning of yaer in my car with my friends everyyaer. I'm sick of it.