Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Do you know cameo? In my dictionary, it is said that a short appearance in a film or play by a well-known actor or people. On Friends, there are many cameos, very famous people often show up on Friends. So I'd like to introduce some of them!

Kritin Davis. You know well her as Charlotte on Sex And The City.
She is Joey's girl friend in Friends.
Bruce Willis as Rachel's boyfriend and Ross' student girlfriend's father.
Brad Pitt as Ross and Monica's friend from high school. He and Ross made Rachel Hate Club!Ralph Lauren as Ralph Lauren himself because Rachel works in Ralph Lauren.
Robin Williams as a visitor of Central Perk
Julia Roberts as Chandler's girlfriend.Sarah Ferguson, i.e. Fergie as herself.George Clooney

Jeff Goldblum as actor/director of a play which Joey wants to get


neyagawa said...

Yeah, I know him. I don't have confident to say,but he is a gay, isn't he?

Reina said...

i was very surprized that Robin Williams had been in the tv drama.
i like him♪

Tomo said...

Robin Williams is my favorite, too!!