Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tip trouble

Do you know about tip? When we live in Japan, we don't have to think about tip because there isn't such custom that paying tip in a restaurant or a taxi ,etc. Sometimes I leave tip in a restaurant for a laugh, though.

This is a conversation about tip in FRIENDS. When Ross and Rachel were a couple, they had dinner with Rachel's father in a restaurant.

Remember? Ross and Rachel!

(After Rachel's father go to a toilet)

Ross: I think your dad must have added wrong. He only tipped like 4%!
Rach: Yeah, that's Daddy.
Ross: "That's Daddy"? Doesn't it bother you? You're a waitress.
Rach: Yes, it bothers me. You know, if he was a regular at the coffe house, I'd be serving him sneezers.
Ross: So?
Rach: So, Ross, I've bugged him abou this a million times. He won't change.
Ross: Do you really serve people sneezers?
Rach: Well, I don't.
R.Father: All right, kids. Ready?
Ross: Thanks again, Dr.Green.
(Rachel's father left there and Ross added tip)
R.F: Wait, I think I forgot my receipt.
Ross: You don't need that.
R.F: Why not?
Ross: Because the carbon. It's messy. I mean , gets on your fingers and causes ...night blindness.
R.F: What is this? Who put a 20 down here?
Ross: Oh, yeah, that would be me. I have a problem. I tip way too much. Way too much. It's a sickness, really.
Rach: Yeah, it is. We really have to do something about that.
Ross: I know.
R.F: Excuse me. You think I'm cheap?
Rach: Oh, Daday. He didn't mean anything by that. He really did't.
Ross: Nothing, I do means anything. Really.
R.F: This is nice. I pay $200 for dinner. You put down $20 and you come out looking like Mr.Big Shot. You really want to be Mr.Big Shot? Here. OK. I'll tell you what, you pay the whole bill, Mr.Big Shot. All right?
(R.F went out angrily.)
Ross: Well, "Mr.Big Shot" is bette than "Wet-Head."
(On their way home)
Rach: How did you do. You couldn't leave it alone.
Ross: Four percent, okay? I tipp more than that when there's a bug in my food.

In U.S., usually they have to tip 15%. So they had to tip $30 at least because they ate $200 food!!
I love this story!!! If you want to watch this story, watch season3!!!!


Satomi said...

I love FRIENDS!! But I've watched only a half of season 1!X(
I don't know anything about tip, so I'll watch this episode and learn it!

Meg said...

i know FRIENDS but i never seen them. and i think differnces of cultum are interesting!! i wanna see FRIENDS(^_-)-☆