Saturday, May 24, 2008


Ross and Rachel

Do you know about a sorority? According to a dictionary, it is said that "a club for women students at some American colleges and universities." "sorority" came from the Latin word soror, it means "sister".

The member of sorority lives same place like a dorm and they called themselves "sister" each other.

I didn't know about sorority until I watched FRIENDS. In season6, Rachel and Monica go to N.Y.U, where Ross works as a new professor, to see whether Ross is good or not. Then Rachel find two woman students. And Rachel says...

Rachel: Oh, hey, look! There's some Kappa Kappa Deltas. I was a Kappa. Hey sisters!

Ross and Rachel

Rachel said "Kappa Kappa Deltas", it is a one of the name of sororities. For example, there are Kappa Kappa Gamma, Phi Beta Kappa, or Kappa Alpha Theta. First of all, there were fraternities for men students that also came from Latin word frater, it means brother. And before the word "sorority"made women called their organizations "women's fraternities". First fraternity's name was Phi Beta Kappa which used Greek letters to hide their secret name.

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